How do you keep digital quality high and production costs low?

Ask for help. We are having a blast in the college market with our clients who serve as clergy on major universities across the country. Social media is not just about generating leads, its also about building relationships with current constituency and new leads. In an effort to assist our growing roster of clients across the country with their brands on the ground  while keeping their costs to a minimum, we take care of their post production from the cloud.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You record an inspirational spoken word, an event, or some other creative content with their smartphones and video cameras.
  2. You upload the footage to your SOC designated folder in the cloud.
  3. We take care of the rest so you can enjoy!

The best part about this is that we can literally transform some of the worst footage out there into an (almost:) professional grade video. Check out a few examples below…we’re including good, the bad and the ugly raw footage but I’m sure you’ll agree that we can work wonders in post production. Enjoy!

The Jewish Resource Center at University of Michigan

This dedicated and energetic team of clergy had a blast with students offering them free donuts and hot chocolate on a freezing cold day in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the University of Michigan. Check out how some drone footage can beef up a video and how speaking to your audience directly can create an awesome vibe. Great job to Rabbi Yitzchak Pierce on capturing some great shots.

Man on the streets meets motivational speaker at the University of Maryland, College Park

Meor International completed a $2.5 million fundraising campaign. The national office asked local branches to submit videos for the social media component of the campaign.  Rabbi Ari Koretzky provided some comic relief followed by an inspirational message from Meor at the University of Maryland.  Meor Maryland is one of our clients so we tapped into some great footage from previous engagements to personalize this video. This combined with the right music brought a local rabbi’s smart phone footage to new heights.

The Rabbi of Meor at Harvard Brings Lessons from the Court....the Basketball Court

Rabbi Yoni Ganger meets new and old students on the basketball courts. He brought his smart phone along and took some footage of him and some students shooting hoops. He also had a student film him delivering a short but insightful idea connecting basketball to Judaism and Chanukah. Putting the raw footage on the editing table, color grading and bringing in some stock footage we were able to bring a simple smart phone video to life.

JRC from UMichigan En Route to the Olami Summit in Spain and England

This video was shot on smartphones entirely by students who then forwarded their videos back to the JRC office in Michigan who then forwarded the videos to our office. There wasn’t a lot of footage, but we were nonetheless able to update their social media pages with some fun vibes from over the pond.

Meor at Harvard goes deep on the seasons

In this video, the rabbi at Meor at Harvard took footage of him sharing some Torah inspiration. Instead of talking about the peak of winter inside, he walked outside in the cold. This setting creates a great visual effect for their audience. We added b roll to increase the imagery and the results are fantastic.