Oh, how I wish that I was kidding:)

When I saw the video (embedded below), it sunk in just a little bit. However, the next day when I was surfing the newsfeed on my smart phone I quickly realized just how deep the rabbit hole goes. We speak all the time about social media being addictive. Don’t think this isn’t part of the plan here folks. It is the ultimate goal. In our society, marketing the product is a science. Don’t take my word for it though…just go look at the top universities across the country. The following video simplifies the answer to why humans are addicted. Okay, great. We figured out why people are so addicted. Now what?

Of course knowing is half the battle when fighting addiction. But don’t overlook the insight. You can use this psychology as well. When designing your social media strategy for your organization, these tactics can help engage your audience in a great way. For example, the scavenger hunt or the lottery mentality can help your followers keep coming back for more.

The main thing is to identify what makes your target profile tick. What is is that interests them? Is there a reason for them to visit your website other than to buy something? Do you have special offers or content that can be claimed only on your site or social media pages? These are just a few of the questions that might get some creative juices to begin building or enhance your own social media strategy.

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