Has Traffic Dropped For Your Organization?

Why don’t people come to your events anymore? I’ve heard from numerous community organizing clients and business owners that their brick and mortar traffic at events has diminished greatly over the past four years. When I was one of the starting team members of a relatively new campus community organization, Facebook was still in its growth stage. Back then, if you made an event on Facebook and someone clicked “attend,” Mark Zuckerberg and his investors would show all of that guest’s friends that he/she was going to your event, and all of this free of charge. That was then, this is now.

Old Habits in a New World

In recent years, Facebook matured. It has been rolling out wave after wave of monetization efforts which grossly change the way social media giant is used for advertising in particular. Many of them are far more superior than the original free version as long as you know how to use the tools to access the market. The business page’s posts get very limited eyeballs organically and events no longer go viral on their own. Even simulating virility by having everyone click “going” at the same time will only reach so far and during a specific window. Today’s social media environment requires strategy and capital.

Old Habits Aren’t By Definition Bad Habits

It seems everyone is complaining about decrease in effectiveness of the old habits. However, I spoke to one super star who has been relatively consistent over the years and asked what is his secret to fighting this tide. Although he didn’t know about social media and success factors come in many shapes and sizes, one fascinating distinction became very apparent. He doesn’t use Facebook. He is big into texting and still uses yahoo and an old blackberry!

While Mark Zuckerberg starts squeezing businesses for money to get exposure the rest of the world will feel the pinch. However, those who built their traffic without the social media giant should remain somewhat consistent. So old habits aren’t necessary bad habits but most organization need to reassess their budgets and approaches to outreach.

Go Forward and Get Help

So now what? Get help. It doesn’t take long to figure out that Facebook today dwarfs the Facebook bubble of yesterday. It also doesn’t take long to realize how easy people can waste money if they don’t know what their doing. I sat down with one of our experts for just 30 minutes to scratch the surface and he pointed out the largest errors of how people use the marketing tools and boosting features on Facebook alone. For example, arguably the greatest attribute of Facebook’s marketing platform is the advanced A/B testing tools and audience targeting combined. All too often people just focus on putting their message in front of a sepcific audience without taking the time to develop an integrated long term strategy. Then when it doesn’t work, they throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I’m working with several clients on their overall strategy and even assisting them with cost effective ways to achieve big things. When we can bring enough small organizations together even greater things are possible.

If you would like to discuss your strategy with JP Katz, he can be reached here.

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